Posted Jun 30, 2018

Final results of the 2018 MN District III Little League Tournament are as follows. This year, Western fielded teams at the Little League and 8-10 Year-Old levels. Great job to both of these teams!

We also had the privilege of hosting the Little League division of the tournament. Thanks to all of the players, families, managers, coaches, league and District officials, umpires, and volunteer concession operators, field maintenace workers, and scoreboard operators who made this tournament a success!

Congratulations to the following District champions and runners-up...

~Little League: Lake Park (Champion), Esko (Runner-Up)

~9-11 Year-Old Division: Lake Park (Champion), Cloquet (Runner-Up)

~8-10 Year-Old Division: Lake Park (Champion), Cloquet (Runner-Up)