Posted Aug 27, 2017

Below are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive at Western each year. Hopefully these serve to provide some clarification. If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, please contact WDLL Information Officer Matt Peterson.

For convenience, this list is broken down into five categories: General, Registration, Player Evaluations & Draft, Tournament Teams, and Rules & Regulations.

Posted Aug 27, 2017

~What is the WDLL mailing address?

PO Box 16084

Duluth, MN 55815

~Where are games played?

Western's teams play their home games behind Wade Stadium. Please click here for a map.

At all levels above the Intro League, travel is required to the other Quad City and/or MN District III Little League associations. Please click here for maps of all of the field locations.

~When are games scheduled?

Practices typically begin in early-to-mid April, with games beginning in early May. The regular season runs through the end of June at the younger levels and the beginning of August at the older levels (with a break for the District Tournament). Teams will play two or three games per week, scheduled Sunday through Thursday.

~Are there fundraisers throughout the season?

Yes. Every year at Western, we try to be extremely proactive in our efforts to raise funds for our program. Ultimately, all funds raised will benefit the kids playing baseball for Western. If you have questions or would like to donate, please contact fundraising@westernduluthlittleleague.org.

~Am I required as a parent to volunteer?

Each Western family is charged a $50 "non-volunteer" fee at the time of registration. This fee is refunded if any family member(s) volunteer(s) at least 8 hours during the course of the season. Additional special fundraising events may be offered as well as opportunities to earn the refund.

~How does the team and/or the association communicate with parents? Is there a social media presence?

Each coaching staff is responsible for conducting its own communication with team members concerning game schedules, practice, etc. Most coaches typically communicate through email and/or the Bonzi system set up through our website. Please make sure to check both regularly.

Our primary methods of communication as an association are through our website and league-wide emails. We are also on Facebook. Please take a moment to "Like" us by clicking here. Also, we send a monthly Parent Newsletter through email and our website which contains the most up-to-date information about what is happening at Western.

~Can I manage or coach my child's team?

We are always looking for new managers and coaches for our teams. Please contact any board member if you are interested.

~What will my child need to bring to practice?

We recommend all players bring the following to practice: Glove, baseball pants, baseball cap, baseball shoes, water, bat (if he/she has one), helmet (if he/she has one), and a positive attitude.

~When is Opening Day, and what will be involved?

The 2018 WDLL Opening Day will be held Saturday, May 5, 2018. During the course of the day, players will compete against other Western teams. There will also be team pictures, coaches meetings, an opening ceremony, and plenty of food and prizes.

~How many players are on a Little League team?

Typically, Western's team rosters are between 10 and 13 players.

~Does each player play every game?

Yes. Little League has a mandatory play rule which must be satisfied at all levels.

Posted Aug 27, 2017

~When is registration?

Online registration typically runs from early January through the middle of March. In-person registration is also available at our Player Evaluations. Please see our website for more specific details.

~What is the cost of registration?

Registration fees for 2018 are TBA.

Please note, there is an additional $50 non-volunteer fee which will be charged to each family. If a family member volunteers for at least 8 hours at the fields during the summer, this fee will be refunded. Also, additional children receive a discounted registration rate. Scholarships are available. Please contact WDLL President Mike Dosan to request a scholarship.

~I have more than one child. Can they play together on the same team?

As long as they both qualify by age, siblings may play on the same team.

~What do the registration fees go towards?

Registration fees assist us in covering the necessary costs associated with running our association, including uniforms, concessions, umpires, Little League International, Quad City, and MN District III fees, equipment, field maintenance, player camps and clinics, safety resources, Internet resources, and more.

Posted Aug 27, 2017

~What are Player Evaluations?

Each year, players participate in skill evaluation sessions in an effort to create balanced teams and place them at the appropriate level. The evaluation results are used in the annual WDLL Player Draft. For more information, please click here.

~When are Player Evaluations?

Typically, the WDLL Player Evaluations are held in mid-March. Please watch our website for more details.

~What is the Draft?

The WDLL Player Draft is the method by which managers select their teams in the Minor League and above (assuming there are enough players to form more than one team in each division). The results of the Player Evaluations are used in this process to ensure the teams are as balanced as possible.

~What if I want my player on a specific team?

At the Minor League level above, all players are drafted. There is no guarantee that requests of this nature will be honored.

~What if I don't attend Player Evaluations?

Players who do not participate in Player Evaluations are restricted to which level they may participate in. Rather than being allowed to potentially move up to a higher level of play earlier, players will be placed on teams solely based on their age.

~My child tried out last year. Does he/she need to attend Player Evaluations again this year?

Once a player is drafted to a Major League team, he/she will remain on that same team. Therefore, returning Major League players do not need to attend the evaluation sessions. However, all other players ages 7-12 do need to attend evaluations each year.

~When will the teams be announced?

Teams are typically announced in late March, with practices beginning in early April (weather permitting).

Posted Aug 27, 2017

~What is an "All-Star," and how are the teams selected?

Each year, Western has the opportunity to field Tournament (All-Star) Teams, which will participate in several area tournaments, including the Little League International Tournament (Districts, State, etc.). In order to be considered for a Tournament Team, players must sign up on our website and attend at least one of the Tournament Team evaluation sessions. More information may be found by clicking here.

~Can my child "play up" on an older Tournament Team?

Tournament Teams are divided into the following age ranges...

*Little League (LL Age 10-12)

*9-11 Year-Old Division

*8-10 Year-Old Division

Players are only permitted to be selected to Tournament Teams of their appropriate Little League age.

~When will Tournament Teams be announced?

According to Little League rules, Tournament Teams may be announced no earlier than June 1.

~Do I have to sign my child up to be on a Tournament Team?

Yes. Please click here for more information.

~If my child isn't picked to be an All-Star in our association, can he/she go to another association to play All-Stars?


Posted Aug 27, 2017

~Does WDLL perform background checks on its volunteers?

In order to protect the safety of our players, WDLL performs background checks on all volunteers through the Little League-approved First Advantage service.

~Are on-deck batters allowed?

On-deck batters are NOT allowed.

~Are coaches allowed to warm-up pitchers?

Managers and coaches are NOT allowed to warm-up pitchers at ANY level.

 ~Must a runner slide into home plate?

There is NO "MUST-SLIDE" RULE at any level of Little League when sliding into home plate or any other base. However, any runner is out when the runner does not slide OR attempt to get around a fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make a tag.

~How many batters does a pitcher need to hit in an inning to be removed?

There is no rule in Little League that specifies the number of batters a pitcher hits before they are removed. Also, there is no rule that mandates a warning be given.

~Can pitchers wear long-sleeve shirts and/or sleeves under the uniform?

Any part of the pitcher's undershirt or T-shirt exposed must be of a solid color and may not be white or gray. Neoprene sleeves must not be exposed.

~What is the rule when a player is attempting to switch from the pitcher position to the catcher position and vice versa?

Any player who has thrown 41 or more pitches in a game may not catch. Any catcher who has caught one pitch in their fourth inning as a catcher may not pitch. This rule applies at all levels.

~Are pitchers allowed to wear sunglasses?


~Do all male players need to wear an athletic supporter?


~Is food allowed in the dugout?

Allowing food in the dugout is determined by each team's manager.