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Posted Feb 6, 2017

Each year, players participate in skill evaluation sessions in an effort to create balanced teams and place players at the proper level. We will be evaluating players ages 7-9, with 6 year-olds having the option to attend. We will also hold a skills camp for our Tee Ball players (ages 4 and 5) designed to introduce them and their families to our association and have some fun.

We strongly encourage all players to attend the evaluations, even if they are not considering moving up to a higher level at an earlier age.

If you have not yet registered for this season, you may do so at these events. 

Dates and times for this year's evaluations are as follows. All sessions will be held at the Marcovich Wellness Center on the UWS campus.


~Saturday, March 16:

Rookie (Ages 8-9): 10:00 AM-12:00 PM (Includes Players Interested In The Western 9U Tournament Team)

Intro (Ages 6-7): 12:00-2:00 PM

Tee Ball Skills Camp (Ages 4-5): 12:30-2:00 PM


~Sunday, March 17:

Rookie (Ages 8-9): 3:30-4:45 PM (Includes Players Interested In The Western 9U Tournament Team)

Intro (Ages 6-7): 4:45-6:00 PM

Tee Ball Skills Camp (Ages 4-5): 4:00-5:00 PM


Players must attend at least one session but may attend both.

If you have questions, please contact